Plastic Valves and Inflation Valves

Carmo is one of the most experienced manufacturers of plastic valves in the world, and holds a significant market position.

Carmo develops custom-built solutions and advise our clients in developing and implementing optimum valve solutions for their products and manufacturing process.

Carmo's plastic valve portfolio is extensive and comprises of weldable PVC or PVC/PUR valves for inflatables, vacuum valves for rescue equipment and splints, pressure valves, overpressure valves and relief valves, produced in ABS. They are used together with a weldable flange.

Carmo's range of plastic valve accessories comprises a wide selection of valve tubes, threaded flanges, caps with or without attachment ring, and retainer rings, together with a series of nozzles in different materials, sizes and colors.

Our range of modular valves are based on a common PVC flange, which can be fitted with inflation, vacuum or overpressure valves.

Our plastic valves are typically mounted using high-frequency welding using our range of electrodes.

For prototyping and small scale production, we offer our special PVC adhesive, Carmo Seal, for gluing soft PVC to PVC. Carmo Seal is resistant to heat, water, oil, petrol, plasticizer and ageing.