Carmo Print Moulding - more rapid than rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Services

We have fully integrated Rapid Prototyping in our product development. Therefore, we offer a fast proof-of-concept and functional prototypes in the right material. Often, we can deliver functional prototypes in half the time compared to traditional prototyping. We ensure a smart and robust design ready for volume production.

Prototypes in the right materials in a few days

At Carmo, we have the competencies and the technology to 3D print prototyping tools. This enables us to mould prototypes in the right material. We call it Carmo Print Moulding.

Using traditional 3D printing of prototypes, only very few materials are available, making it extremely difficult to get an accurate impression of the mechanical properties.

Using traditional prototyping in aluminium tools, both the production time and costs are higher on each tool.

With Carmo Print Moulding you get the best from both worlds: The tools are relatively cheap, the production time is minimal, and iterations, tests, and experiments can be completed quickly, flexibly, and cost-efficient.

See our animated explainer video and get a brief introduction to Carmo Print Moulding.

A game-changer in the development of prototypes

Carmo Print Moulding has been a game-changer for the development of several new medical devices. For instance, the start-up company EYE-GO got a proof-of-concept for a revolutionary device for people suffering from chronic eye diseases. Bu using Carmo Print Moulding, it was possible to manufacture functional prototypes in the right materials in very short time.

“The collaboration with Carmo has been an absolute game-changer in the development of our product. It has enabled us to mature our design and establish proof-of-concept of our product in a very short time and with much lower costs than by traditional prototyping. Both are vital factors for any start-up.”

Henrik Nagel, CEO of EYE-GO

You can read more of the collaboration with EYE-GO.

From idea to serial production

Carmo is an integrated supplyer, and we can help your project get from idea to serial production.

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What are the advantages of rapid prototyping?

There are many advantages of Carmo Print Moulding. Here are a few:

  • Prototypes in the right materials, colours and surfaces
  • Fast iterations
  • Possibility of trying several designs at the same time – often it is possible to mould several designs at the same time
  • Unique opportunity to optimize the product at a very early stage in order to prepare the product for volume production
  • Postpone Capex investments until the items are matured for production and a proof-of-concept has been achieved
  • We have several examples where Carmo Print Moulding has been able to halve the development time and investments

From simple to complex prototypes

Carmo can produce a wide range of prototypes from simple design to complex solutions in 3K. For instance, we design and manufacture components with very small micro channels, very tight tolerances, advanced geometry, and specific requests for surfaces etc. With our development and production set-up, we ensure a smart design that we can produce in high volume.

Rapid Prototyping FAQ

What is a Prototype?

Prototypes are typically test items that are produced to test an item, a design, a material, a functionality, or something similar. A prototype will typically have to clarify one or more design choices, or be used to visualize a choice of design to stakeholders or decision makers.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid Prototyping covers a process, where prototypes are manufactured fast and cost-efficient, so that more designs can be tested. The purpose of Rapid Prototyping is to be able to make fast and better design choices early in the develoment stages. By doing this, expensive redesigns in the later stages can be avoided. Typically, prototypes will reduce the development time and the development costs significantly.

What is special by Carmo Print Moulding?

With Carmo’s unique process, we manufacture the moulds using Additive Manufacturing. Then, we use these moulds to injection mould the prototypes. Exactly as we will do when the matured item is to be manufactured later on. This makes it possible to make the prototypes very quickly and in the right material. This provides the best possible starting point for assessing the behaviour, colour, tolerances etc. of the item. It also provides a unique opportunity to solve any technical challenges regarding the injection moulding at an early stage. This ensures a design that is mature, which is the basis for a robust and cost-efficient production later on.

Sales terms for 3D prototypes

Download our sales terms for 3D plastic prototypes

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