Drain Valves

Carmo is one of the most experienced – and most copied - producers of medical valves for medical bags. Our medical valves are easily operated by both users and nurses and at the same time be zero- leakage. They are typically used as bottom drainage valves for medical bags, e.g. urine bags. Our valves are designed with two objectives in mind: 1) Ease of use:
  • Can be operated with one hand by both nurses and elderl
  • No leaking
  • Minimal risk of contamination during operation
2) Ease of Integration:
  • Minimal footprint
  • HF and Ultrsound weldable
  • Can be glued - also to tubes
  • Will maintain physical integrity and dimensions over time, allowing smoothly running assembly lines
  • Are resistant to common sterilization.
  • Have excellent shelf-life. Even after sterilisation and transport in containers and storing on shelves at distributors and hospitals.
We offer three main types of medical valves:
  • Push-pull valve for simple low-cost applications,
  • T-tap for guaranteed one hand operation and
  • Turn valves with encapsulation for maximum protection against contamination.