Veightless by Vogt Schlafsysteme: No compromise for high-end airbeds

Interview with Michael Vogt from Veightless by Vogt Schlafsysteme

Vogt Schlafsysteme has one goal: To develop the best possible beds – without compromising on development. The result is Veightless, a high-end series of air beds that offers perfect comfort, and Carmo’s components were a natural choice.

Highest quality from A to Z

Vogt Schlafsysteme was established in 2012, when the owners realized that there simply was no bed good enough on the market. Michael Vogt from Vogt Schlafsysteme explains:

“A good night’s sleep is no coincidence. It takes the best design and a product made with exquisite components of the highest quality to create the perfect sleeping comfort. When we developed the Veightless series of air beds, only the best components were considered. Through many years of working in the bed manufacturing industry, we know about the proven quality of Carmo’s components. We are very happy with Carmo’s components.“

Michael Vogt

Components from Carmo never fail

Since the first air bed from Vogt Schlafsysteme was ready in 2012, there has never been any fails. Michael Vogt from Vogt Schlafsysteme, explains the value added by using components from Carmo:

“We use Carmo’s elbow connectors and pressure relief valves in our Veightless air beds. The components from Carmo work perfectly, and we have never experienced any problems with Carmo’s components whatsoever. That alone is of great value to us, as we offer a high-end product of which the expectations are very high. We cannot afford a loss of image due to components that fail – and with Carmo’s components we don’t have to worry about that.”

Michael Vogt

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