Cleats, attachment points and linesupports

Carmo's large programme of weldable line supports and cleats are made of PVC or PVC/PUR. They are used in a wide variety of applications like:

  • Rafts, dinghies and floating barriers in the maritime industry
  • Tarpaulins and lorry covers
  • Tents for camping and humanitarian relief
  • Ventilation ducts for mining
  • Emergency equipment
  • Bouncy Castles and playgrounds

As other Carmo components, our cleats and line supports are made from our own compounds, offering superb weldability, adhesion and unsurpassed durability in use.

We blend the right composition of raw materials to meet your specific demands for performance, weather conditions, UV radiation exposure, etc.

Carmo weldable line supports and cleats can be used alone or in conjunction with Carmo eyelets.

Cleats, linesupports and handles can be attached using high-frequency welding or our Carmo Seal. The Carmo Seal is specially developed for gluing soft PVC to PVC. Carmo Seal is resistant to heat, water, oil, petrol, plasticizer and ageing.

Other Carmo accessories in this product segment comprise ladder straps, CAR-Lo attachment clips, anchor points, handles and hooks.