Machines & Tools for HF welding

We supply a range of punching and welding eyelet machines from the manual EP3 to the state of the art Carmo CP9 punching and welding machine. These machines target a wide range of needs in terms of eyelet sizes, insertion speed and single sided and double sided configurations These machines are designed, hand-built and tested in Denmark, offering superb quality and durability. Eyelet machines for HF welding are available for both single-sided and double-sided welding: Single sided eyelet welding offers quick insertion and welding and the possibilities to hide the eyelet from direct view – especially useful in high-quality banner production. Double sided eyelet welding offers maximum strength and durability – especially in mesh materials.  
Model Eyelet Feeding Single or double sided welding Changeable Eyelet sizes Speed* (welds per minute)
CP9 Automatic Single Yes ~5-10
CP9S Automatic Single Yes ~5-10
CP8 Automatic Single + Double No ~6-12
6010 Automatic Single No ~12-25
EP3 Manual Single + Double Yes Not applicable
*Capacity figures are averages. Actual capacity will vary depending on the number and thickness of sheets, components, handling time, operator, generator size etc.