Weldable eyelets and clip grommets

Market leading PVC and plastic eyelets and grommets

Carmo plastic and PVC eyelets and grommets are strong, flexible, durable and do not rupture. Our unique PVC compound offer excellent welding properties, unsurpassed performance and durability in demanding applications and extreme climates. Carmo has more than 60 years of experience with injection moulding. We are a world leader in designing and manufacturing high quality weldable plastic and PVC components.

The best reinforcement of holes for a wide range of applications

Carmo eyelets and grommets provide the best reinforcement of holes for a wide range of applications. Carmo PVC weldable eyelets and grommets are ideal as banner eyelets and as eyelets for building wraps, construction signage and wallscapes, eyelets for tarpaulins for trucks, trailers, boats, pool covers, applications in agriculture, tents and shelters or other applications exposed to high pull forces.

Double or triple the strength compared to metal eyelets

With a weldable PVC eyelet, you can double or triple the strength of your application compared to a standard metal eyelet! Compared to metal eyelets, welded PVC and plastic eyelets will fuse together with the foil and result in a joint that is significantly stronger and can withstand higher pull forces. This is especially true when working in mesh materials. For an even stronger solution, we offer our patented Metal Reinforced Eyelet with a metal eyelet moulded directly into a plastic eyelet, giving superior strength and durability. Carmo clip grommets (made of PolyPropylene (PP) or PVC) are easy to mount and can be inserted on the spot with no special equipment required.

Contact us for more information

If you are interested in our eyelets, our grommets or other of our components, please contact us for more information or to require samples. Please call +45 4912 2100, fill out our form on www.carmo.dk/contact/ or send a mail to denmark@carmo.dk.