Technical Components

Carmo’s technical plastic components offer superb handling, weldability, performance, and durability in demanding applications, environments, and climates. Our product range includes e.g., HF weldable eyelets, valves, nozzles, and line supports used in critical applications.

Perfect for demanding applications

The robustness of our components makes them perfect for demanding applications exposed to e.g., pull-force from wind, salt water, and extreme climates. The key markets for our technical components are maritime, mining, agriculture and automotive, but our components are used across many industries and continue to appear in applications we had never imagined.

Wide product range

Our technical components include products such as:
  • Weldable eyelets and attachments for use with PVC foils, PUR foils or coated reinforced materials
  • Valves for inflation, overpressure valves and vacuum valves
  • Threaded nozzles and caps for use with liquids or dry stuff
Carmo’s technical components are made in a number of different PVC grades (protected Carmo recipes), PE, PEHD.

HF weldable components

Our components are typically mounted using High Frequency Welding (also known as HF welding or RF welding) or ultrasonic welding. We also supply a line of dedicated machines for integrated punching, automatic feeding and welding of eyelets. For customers with existing barwelders, we offer a range of electrodes covering all our weldable components. For small-scale production, prototyping and repairs we also recommend our unique Carmo seal, suitable for gluing soft PVC to PVC.

Delivery within days

Carmo has serviced the market for more than 60 years. Our products are sold throughout the world. We carry standard versions and colours of our components on stock for delivery within days - also in small quantities.

Custom designed solution?

If you need a component with other specifications than we currently offer in our standard product range, we can custom design a solution for you. We are experts at designing and producing robust components with specific requirements in close cooperation with our customers. We have integrated Additive Manufacturing in our product development setup, and therefore offer prototypes in half the time compared to traditional prototyping. Read more about our custom design