Environmental responsibility

Carmo’s environmental responsibility

Carmo is working to increase the efficiency of the use of resources and improve our climate footprint. Therefore, we have mapped our CO2 emissions and set specific targets for our CO2 reduction in 2030. We test and implement alternatives to traditional plastic materials continuously, and we recycle surplus material in production to minimize waste. To reduce our impact on the environment, we prioritize energy from energy solutions other than fossil energy sources.

Recycling and waste sorting

Recycling of production material is vital for increasing the efficiency in the use of resources. Surplus material and inlets are recycled when possible. We sort plastic waste in 8 fractions, which Stena Recycling buys and resells for recycling. We began waste sorting in May 2021, and in 8 months it had reduced the environmental impact by 17 tons of emitted CO2.

Pursuing two UN Sustainable Development Goals

Carmo is working actively with two UN Sustainable Development Goals: 8.4 and 9.5. These are goals to increase the efficiency in the use of resources and to upgrade our technologies to reduce our climate footprint. We have developed action plans to ensure that we work with the two UN Goals in a structured manner.

Testing new types of materials

Carmo is an expert in injection moulding and material characteristics. Therefore, we follow the development of new types of materials that can be injection moulded. We test new materials continuously to implement them in our production in order to be able to offer our customers the best solutions.

Carmo has set specific goals for CO2 reduction

Carmo has completed KlimaKlar SMV (in Danish). Thereby, we have mapped our CO2 emissions and set specific goals for our CO2 reduction in 2030.

New technology reduces the climate footprint

Carmo’s production with injection moulding machines is an energy-intensive production process. Therefore, we have implemented Additive Manufacturing to help reduce the environmental impact. It reduces waste and storage and reduces time-to-market. At the same time, we reduce our energy consumption by investing in updated machines and tools with a low energy consumption, and prioritizing energy from other energy solutions than fossil energy sources.

“We are aware of our environmental responsibility"

“We are aware of our environmental responsibility we have when working with plastic materials. Therefore, we have implemented initiatives to reach our UN Sustainable Development Goals. With action plans for increased recycling of surplus materials, investments in updated machines with low energy consumption, implementing new technology such as Additive Manufacturing, and testing sustainable materials in our production, Carmo is taking our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our production very seriously.”

Per Brix, Head of Production at Carmo A/S
January 06, 2022
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