Sustainable solutions


Carmo is applying UN Sustainable Development Goals on all levels of our production to increase resource efficiency and improve our sustainable footprint. We are continuously testing and implementing sustainable materials, and we are recycling surplus material in our production to minimize waste. Finally, we are implementing new technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and prioritizing energy from sustainable energy sources to reduce our environmental impact.

Focus on energy consumption and sustainable energy sources

Carmo's production with injection moulding machines is in its nature a high energy consuming process. Therefore, we constantly focus on minimizing our energy consumption by continuously investing in updated machines and tools with low energy consumption, and also prioritizing that our energy comes from sustainable energy technology.

Pursuing UN Sustainable Development Goals

Carmo is actively pursuing two specific UN Sustainable Development Goals: 8.4 and 9.5. These are goals to increase resource efficiency in production and to upgrade our technological capabilities to reduce our environmental impact. These goals serve as guidelines for all our initiatives for a sustainable production.

Recycling surplus materials

Recycling of our production materials is a key element in Carmo’s sustainability efforts. Surplus materials and inlets are recycled in-line whenever possible, and we have continuous reviews to increase the efficiency of our recycling initiatives. We have also established a controlled handling of materials not suited for recycling, so that these materials are handled in accordance with legislation.

“We are aware of our environmental responsibility"

“We are aware of our environmental responsibility we have when working with plastic materials. Therefore, we have implemented initiatives to reach our UN Sustainable Development Goals. With action plans for increased recycling of surplus materials, investments in updated machines with low energy consumption, implementing new technology such as Additive Manufacturing, and testing sustainable materials in our production, Carmo is taking our responsibility for a sustainable production very seriously.”
Per Brix, Head of Production at Carmo A/S

Upgrading our technological capabilities

We have chosen to upgrade our technological capabilities by implementing Additive Manufacturing to our production set-up. This is an effective way to reduce our environmental impact, since Additive Manufacturing reduces waste and stock, and reduces time-to-market for new products.

Testing sustainable materials

Carmo is an expert in materials for injection moulding and their specific characteristics. As a consequence we closely monitor and follow the development of new types of sustainable materials that can be injection moulded. We continuously test new materials in order to implement them in our production and products, thus being able to offer our customers the best solutions.
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