Custom designed solutions meeting customer requirements

Custom Design & Production

Carmo is an expert on injection moulding with more than 60 years of practical experience with design, development, and manufacturing of high-quality plastic components. With Carmo, you have a partner that manages the entire product development process from design and prototype stages to volume production. We have the capabilities to ensure custom designed components that meet or exceed your expectations on functionality, quality, and cost.


Carmo offer a unique solution for the design and development stages, where we have implemented Additive Manufacturing and integrated this technology in our injection moulding set-up. In the design stage, this solution provides our customers fully functional injection moulded components that are manufactured in the right material ready for testing. This reduces the time-to-market significantly.

“At Carmo, we have the knowhow and technology to develop and manufacture the component you need smarter, faster and at a low cost. We have advanced technologies fully integrated in our production processes ensuring time-to-market, and a scalable production ensuring full flexibility for our customers. With our quality management system fully implemented in all processes, we guarantee components in a consistent, high quality.”

Anders Johnsen, VP R&D and Technology at Carmo A/S

Smart and robust design

We have a long history of working with injection moulding. Besides offering customized solutions, Carmo design and develop our own product lines. Therefore, we have a unique insight in design for manufacturing. Often, we can reduce the product complexity significantly and integrate functionalities in the design stage, giving a better and more robust design.

Cost-efficient production

Carmo run a highly automated production with automation and robotics implemented on all production lines. We continuously invest in state-of-the-art machines and robotics ensuring a cost-efficient, and highly agile / flexible production. With the expansion of our production facilities in 2019 with an additional 1,000 sqm, we also have the capacity for new projects.

Sustainable solutions

Carmo is working actively to implement two UN Sustainable Development Goals in the production. These goals will increase the resource efficiency and improve our sustainable footprint. We have a clear roadmap to reach these goals including action plans for increased recycling, and introduction of sustainable materials and energy efficient technology and use of sustainable energy sources.