Filler flanges and plastic caps

Carmo's threaded filler flanges and caps are produced based on many years of experience.

They are weldable and are often used for flexible containers for both liquids and drystuff.

Both filler flanges and plastic caps are made from PVC, but are available in other materials such as Polyethylene (PE) or Polyurethane (PUR).

Nozzles and caps are available in 5 sizes: 25 mm, 34mm, 45mm, 98mm, 146mm and 1½".

Nozzles and caps are sold in different variants and can be mixed and matched for standard applications.

For applications with higher demands on leakage, matched sets of nozzle, cap and gasket are available.

The accessory range comprises gaskets, non-return inserts and tubing flanges.

Our Nozzles are typically mounted using High Frequency Welding (also known as HF welding or RF welding) or ultrasonic welding. We supply a range of electrodes for use in existing bar welders.

For small-scale production, prototyping and repairs we also recommend our unique Carmo seal, suitable for gluing soft PVC to PVC. Carmo Seal is resistant to heat, water, oil, petrol, plasticizer and ageing.