Fast singlesided eyelet setter for welding Carmo plastic eyelets for banners, covers and tarpaulins

The CP9 eyelet setter is a fast, single sided punching and welding machine.

Our eyelet setters are ideal for volume production, offering automatic eyelet feeding and an extremely short cycle time. Replacement kits allow different eyelet sizes to be welded with the same machine.

The CP9 eyelet setter is developed for high volume production environments where large quantities of plastic tarpaulin eyelets or plastic banner eyelets must be mounted in minimal time with minimal hassle.

The CP9 eyelet setter can be used with most plastic eyelets that can be HF welded, however is optimised for use with Carmo’s range of PVC eyelets and PVC/PUR eyelets

These machines are designed, hand-built and tested in Denmark, offering superb quality and durability.

Support for different sizes

  • Single sided setting and HF welding of PVC and plastic eyelets of diameters 11/27, 13/32 , 15/37 and 19/43 mm.
  • Easy replacement kits for other than chosen size available.

Throughput for volume production

  • Automatic eyelet feeding.
  • Setting, punching + welding in one operation
  • Extremely short cycle time.
  • Used in production a throughput of 5-10 welds per minute depending on eyelet size, generator and operator speed.
  • The punching is easily done through 4-6 layers of plastic sheeting.

Ease of operation and maintenance

  • The feeder is equipped with a foot pedal for activation of the punching and welding operation.
  • Low noise machinery – easy maintenance.

Please Note:

The CP9 requires connection to compressed air equipment and a High Frequency generator (2.5 – 3 kW recommended).

CP9 and a High Frequency generator must be CE marked as a combined unit.

Read more about CE marking

Dimensions of eyelet setter CP9

Eyelet setter machine CP9 front viewEyelet setter machine CP9 side view 

Other features of eyelet setter CP9

Replacement kitsSafety shieldEasy integration
CP9 replacement kitsCP9 safety shieldCP9 easy integration

Ordering and variant information

All measurements and drawings are nominal. For exact measurements - and for critical integration - please contact sales for detailed drawings.

CP9 - Automatic single sided welding machine for HF welding of plastic eyelets
High speed single sided welding. Must be connected to Power, HF generator and compressed air.
Order# Description From stock Properties Comments
07-764-7002 CP9E automatic single sided welding machine for 11
07-764-7004 CP9E automatic single sided welding machine for 13
07-764-7005 CP9E automatic single sided welding machine for 15
07-764-7006 CP9E automatic single sided welding machine for 19
CP9-electrodes - Electrodes for use in the CP9 welding machine
Order# Description From stock Properties Comments
07-457-7009 CP9 Electrode 11/28-1+2E (04-283)

(*) Smaller quantities can be delivered on request for a repacking fee.