EYE-GO: Functional prototype in half the time

Interview with Henrik Nagel, CEO in EYE-GO

The start-up-company EYE-GO contacted Carmo, when the company needed a functional prototype in order to reach proof-of-concept for an advanced medical device. At that time they had an overall design of the device.

A complete game-changer in the development of our product

EYE-GO is a Danish medico company that has developed a unique product for eye treatment. When the company contacted Carmo it had an overall design for an advanced medical device. The company needed help to mature the design, and they needed a functional prototype. By using Carmo’s unique method for rapid prototyping, EYE-GO had a fully functional prototype with more than more than 20 parts in just eight months. Henrik Nagel, CEO in EYE-GO, explains:

“The cooperation with Carmo has been a complete game-changer in the development of our product. It has given us the possibility to mature our design and establish proof-of-concept on our product in very short time and at much lower cost than by traditional prototyping. Both are crucial factors for every start-up company.”

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Carmo’s rapid prototyping provides prototypes in half the time

Carmo’s method for rapid prototyping consists in combining 3D print with traditional injection moulding and tool or mould construction. It means that Carmo can produce the prototypes in very short time. We can manufacture injection moulded components from a tool that we develop and 3D print ourselves. Since it only takes a single day to 3D print the mould, we save the three to six weeks it takes to have a traditional moulding tool. In this way, Carmo can develop functional prototypes in short time and at half the price.

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