Wind or water? No problem with Carmo’s unique reinforced eyelet

Tarpaulins in various applications are exposed to wear and tear from wind and water – often in extreme conditions. Carmo’s Metal Reinforced Eyelet is designed to accommodate these specific requirements for extra strength.

Eyelet strong enough for high pull forces

Many eyelets are exposed to extreme forces due to weather conditions, which causes them to tear the foil. Carmo’s Metal Reinforced Eyelet is designed to handle high pull forces. Jens Peter Nielsen, Export Account Manager for industrial products at Carmo A/S, explains:

“Tarpaulins used for e.g. building wraps, trucks, trailers, boats, pool covers, applications in agriculture as well as tents and shelters are all exposed to the high pull forces from wind. Where a standard metal eyelet will tear the foil at a low pull force, the unique design of Carmo’s Metal Reinforced Eyelet offers a simple, yet very effective solution for demanding applications that is up to three times stronger. The metal insert offers strength within the eyelet and the PVC eyelet offers flexibility and strength in the welding on the sheeting. The patented combination delivers a strength that can never be obtained with traditionally mounted metal eyelets.”

Examples of applications suited for Carmo’s Metal Reinforced Eyelet

Building wraps
Biogas plants
Caravan trailers
Pool covers
Truck coverings

Corrosion resistant for applications exposed to water

The metal insert in the Metal Reinforced Eyelet is corrosion resistant, promising long lifetime in demanding applications. Anders Johnsen, VP R&D and Technology at Carmo A/S, explains:

“When we designed this new eyelet, we focused on meeting the needs of our customers. Strength and durability were our primary goals, which we achieved by developing a unique production technique. When designing the metal insert, we also defined several other characteristics that were required. Therefore, the metal insert moulded into the Metal Reinforced Eyelet is made of the corrosion resistant material ASTM A240, 304 Stainless Steel (also known as Inox 304), enabling the product to be used in demanding applications exposed to water. In a standard plastic eyelet, there are internal studs that secure the eyelet. These studs cannot be made of metal. Therefore, we took this into account and made sure that the inner metal ring can be handled with a magnet. Thus, our welding system EP3 and CP9 can easily handle the eyelets securing a perfect high frequency welding. Furthermore, the internal surfaces of the eyelet are smooth, reducing tear and wear on ropes, bungees etc. significantly.”

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Author: Ole Eldar Andersen