Protan: Products with high durability, high flexibility and low weight

Interview with Gerard McCabe, Plant Manager at Protan AS 

High quality and excellent customer service

When Protan AS is looking for a supplier, they look for quality products and excellent customer service. With Carmo they found a perfect match and have been a customer since – for more than 20 years!

Carmo eyelets have the high durability Protan needs

Protan AS is a world leading Norwegian industry group that specialize in protecting values through innovative technical solutions. One of Protan’s business areas is the market leading flexible ventilation system Ventiflex used in mines and tunnels worldwide. These ventilation ducts are exposed to large loads and movement caused by for instance wind or passing trucks or other vehicles in the mines and tunnels. Gerard McCabe, Plant Manager at Protan AS, explains why Protan chose Carmo as a supplier:

““When we developed Ventiflex, we were looking to create a solution with high durability, high flexibility and low weight. Therefore, we needed to find a suspension for our ducts with the same qualities. Carmo’s plastic eyelets proved to meet our requirements perfectly, and we have never had any reason to consider changing supplier.”

European quality and short delivery time

For Protan AS, it is important that their suppliers can guarantee products of a consistent high quality and also guarantee short delivery times. Gerard McCabe explains:

“We have all heard so many examples of European companies having problems with inconsistent product quality from their suppliers outside Europe. Obviously, the eyelets for suspension of our ventilation ducts must be in a consistent high quality. With Carmo, we have a supplier we can trust in supplying us with the quality products we need. Furthermore, Carmo can meet our requirements for flexible delivery within very short time, which is important for Protan.”

Excellent customer service

Easy and responsive communication between a manufacturer and a supplier is vital in order to maintain an effective working relationship. Gerard McCabe is very pleased with Carmo’s customer service:

“We regard our suppliers as our partners and expect a smooth and effective communication when dealing with them. There is always easy access to Carmo’s customer service, which is always responsive to our requests. When contacting Carmo’s customer service, they always act professionally with a high level of technical understanding of our products and specific requirements.”

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