Hindermann: High-quality products for a demanding market

Interview with Thomas Rath, Purchasing Manager at Hindermann

High-quality products for a demanding market

Hindermann is known for their high-quality products, which they have produced since 1949. They have been a partner of Carmo since 2002, where they found a supplier that could provide them with components in the quality they need for their high-end products.

High-quality products for a high-end market

The German company Hindermann is a European leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of covers for mobile homes, caravans, and the industry area. Thomas Rath, Purchasing Manager at Hindermann, explains their focus on quality:

“Hindermann is known in the industrial and motorhome industry market for its high-quality covers, which we sell through a number of leading wholesalers in Europe. We focus on high-quality products to the high-end segment of the market, which is a market with very high requirements for quality. We are very pleased with the high quality of Carmo’s eyelets and clip rings. Many Hindermann articles contain parts from Carmo and they fit very well.”

Carmo delivers components in consistent quality

It is important for a manufacturer to be able to rely on receiving components of a consistent quality. Carmo is ISO 13485 certified ensuring components of a uniform high quality. Thomas Rath explains:

“A key element of our products is consistent quality. Our customers expect that Hindermann’s products are a perfect fit in all conditions and therefore we need our suppliers to deliver components in a uniform quality and size. With Carmo as our supplier, we can rely on receiving components in the same high quality every time.”

European quality for a growing market

The market for quality covers for mobile homes and caravans is growing rapidly. The manufacturers are looking for European suppliers to keep up with the increasing demand. Thomas Rath explains:

“There has been a steady growth in the market for mobile homes and caravans in the last couple of years. Our customers want European quality with long durability and security of deliveries. With Carmo located in Denmark, we have full security of receiving quality components on time.”

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