Carmo ensures clean air in mines

Our plastic components are a small, but vital element used for suspension of mining ventilation systems. The components are manufactured in Denmark securing a consistent high quality perfect for harsh environments.

Reliable quality for applications in harsh environments

Carmo’s injection moulded plastic components are used in a wide range of applications in extreme environments such as mines and oceans. Jens Peter Nielsen, Export Account Manager for industrial products at Carmo A/S, explains:

“We have a long history of providing components for applications used in harsh environments. Our products are chosen, because we have developed a wide product line of very reliable components. The strength and durability of e.g. Carmo’s round eyelets make them a perfect fit for e.g. suspension of mining ventilation systems and many other applications with similar requirements. If even more strength is needed, the round eyelets can be welded on both sides of the foil, giving a very strong solution. For superior strength and durability, we have our patented solution the Metal Reinforced Eyelet, which combines the strengths of plastic eyelets and metal eyelets in one unique solution. None of Carmo’s components are conductive, reducing the risk of sparks compared to using traditional metal suspension of mining ventilation systems.”

Benefits of Carmo components:

  • Great durability
  • High strength
  • Reduced weight
  • Not conductive

Carmo components for suspension of mining ventilation systems

Round plastic eyelet
Round Eyelet
Reinforced Metal Eyelet
Reinforced Metal Eyelet

Oval and Square Eyelets

Rope Support

Consistent high-quality components

Carmo is based in Denmark and have solid expertise in developing and manufacturing high-quality components in consistent quality. Anders Johnsen, VP R&D and Technology at Carmo A/S, explains:

“When we develop our components, we take the possible usages into consideration. For instance, what are the requirements in terms of e.g. strength and durability for certain applications? These requirements are then implemented during the development process. Our quality management system goes hand in hand with our development and production processes, ensuring that the final results are of a consistent high quality.”

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Author: Ole Eldar Andersen