Carmo supplies plastic components for oil booms

Building a shield: Carmo plastic components for effective oil booms

Oil booms must be able to withstand climate conditions such as storms, salt water and sunlight. Carmo’s plastic components are born to last and used by leading manufacturers of solutions for oil spill mitigation worldwide.

When it comes to plastic components used on oil booms, several essential factors should be considered to ensure their effectiveness and durability. Carmo are experts on injection moulded components used in critical applications such as oil spill containment. Rolf Bang Torres-Bjelke, Sales Manager Technical Components at Carmo, explains:

“The strength, durability, and resilience of Carmo’s components has been proven from the many years that Carmo has supplied the oil spill recovery industry with components. The components are optimized in order to ensure the maximum durability and strength. The materials are carefully selected to withstand harsh marine environments and also to be resistant to the potential exposure to oil spills and sunlight. Together with the flexibility and easy weldability of our components, Carmo is the perfect choice for oil booms.”

Rolf Bang Torres-Bjelke, Sales Manager Technical Components at Carmo
NorLense case story wide
NorLense manufactures high-quality oil spills using plastic components from Carmo

NorLense: Quality you can rely on

The Norwegian company NorLense manufactures oil booms used for oil spill recovery worldwide. Geir Sørensen, former Managing Director at NorLense, explains that in Carmo, they found a supplier with products living up to their high standards:

“It is important that our customers can rely on having the well-known high-quality products from NorLense. Since our products are used in extreme climates and conditions all over the world, they are designed to withstand the massive effects from storms, ice, snow, and salt water as well as extreme heat and sand. We are very pleased with the quality of Carmo’s products, which meet all the requirements we have.”

Geir Sørensen, former Managing Director at NorLense

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Consistent quality from batch to batch

At Carmo, we uphold higher quality standards for technical components compared to the industry norm for plastic components. We are proud to hold an ISO 13485 certification, ensuring comprehensive control over all our processes and delivering consistent components. By maintaining a consistent level of excellence, we provide our customers with the confidence to expect the same high-quality products every time they choose to purchase from us.

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Fast delivery time from Denmark

Located in Denmark, Carmo integrates design, development, production, and warehousing in a single facility. We maintain a substantial inventory of standard components, readily available for immediate shipment. Over 90 percent of our orders are fulfilled within five working days, enabling our customers to effectively plan and execute their production processes on schedule.

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Author: Ole Eldar Andersen