NorLense: High-quality products for harsh environments

Interview with Geir Sørensen, Managing Director at NorLense AS 

High-quality products for harsh environments

NorLense manufactures products used offshore, in snow and in the desserts. Therefore, the products are designed and produced in order to function without being affected by the environment. In Carmo, they found a supplier with products living up to their high standards.

Quality you can rely on

NorLense is Norwegian leading manufacturer of oil booms used for oil spill recovery in rough weather worldwide. Another important business area for NorLense is inflatable tents and shelters, which are used for e.g. emergency hospitals, refugee camps and military purposes in all sorts of weather around the world. Geir Sørensen, Managing Director at NorLense, explains the importance of high quality for NorLense:

“It is important that our customers can rely on having the well-known high-quality products from NorLense. Since our products are used in extreme climates and conditions all over the world, they are designed to withstand the massive effects from storms, ice, snow, and salt water as well as extreme heat and sand. We are very pleased with the quality of Carmo’s products, which meet all the requirements we have.”

Making our products easy to handle

Besides high quality, another key parameter for NorLense is that their products must be easy to handle in all conditions. Geir Sørensen explains:

“We have designed all our products to be easy to handle. Therefore, our oil booms can be operated by one person and our inflatable tents are also easy to deploy and take down after use. In order to achieve this, we have integrated components that support this goal in the design stages. We use a wide range of components from Carmo such as line supports, handles, cleats and eyelets in our products. Carmo’s components play a vital part in making our products easy to handle.”

A robust business partner

NorLense has existed since 1975 and have proven their resilience. This is also important for NorLense when looking at their suppliers. Geir Sørensen explains:

“We are interested in long-term partnerships with our suppliers. Therefore, it is important for NorLense that our suppliers run a robust business and that they are located in stable and democratic countries. Carmo has been an important partner for NorLense for more than 20 years. The fact that Carmo is located in Denmark brings a security to our partnership in the shape of reliability, short delivery time and smooth communication. Obviously, this is of great value to NorLense.”

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