Meisel & Gerken: Never a complaint about Carmo’s components

Interview with Bernhard Claßen, owner of Meisel & Gerken

Meisel & Gerken manufactures high-end wellness solutions. Carmo has been a long-term supplier, as the company is very satisfied with the durability of Carmo’s components.

Durability and weldability in top class

Meisel & Gerken in Germany manufactures high-quality air mattresses. Carmo has been a supplier of plastic components for a long time. Bernhard Claßen, owner of Meisel & Gerken, is very happy with Carmo’s products:

”The durability of Carmo’s components is very good. For instance, the product AquaMed Air mattress has an elbow connector from Carmo welded to the inner mattress. The mattress has been on the market for more than 13 years – and we have never had a complaint regarding Carmo’s components. The weldability is also very good, which saves us time in the production.”

Bernhard Claßen

Only safe materials used

Meisel & Gerken uses the certificate “OEKO-TEX” on their mattresses. The certificate states that the materials used are tested for harmful substances and doesn’t contain harmful substances. Bernhard Claßen explains:

“Our products are in close contact with the end-user. Therefore, a certification that guarantees that our products are safe to use is very important to us. This issue of material transparency will be even more important in the years to come. Therefore, it is reassuring that Carmo follows the REACH guidelines.”

Bernhard Claßen

Local presence is important

Meisel & Gerken buys their Carmo components from Hermann Meyer, Carmo’s strategic partner in Germany. Bernhard Claßen explains the benefits of having a local supplier:

“We value the fact that it is easy for us to get in touch with and meet Hermann Meyer. The communication is straightforward, and we always get the products we need. With Carmo and Hermann Meyer, we can be certain that we get the product quality and the customer service we need.”

Bernhard Claßen

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