Welcome to the new website of Ultraplast!

Welcome to the new website of Ultraplast!

The high quality boxes and cases from Ultraplast found a new home that is just as smart as our products. The new website gives you a quick overview of our product range.

Ultraplast is a part of Carmo, and we have sorted out quality and reliability. Ultraplast produces high quality boxes and cases. Our product range includes modular storage boxes, drawer organisers, archiving boxes and small plastic containers with lids. In addition, our wide product range includes ESD boxes and sorting boxes. So, regardless of which plastic box or case you need, you will probably find it on the new website.

In case you need room for improvement

We have nearly 60 years of experience with plastic components and injection moulding. Our products are not only of ultra-high quality but also ultra-versatile. They can be used for transportation, storage, presentations, and packaging, for example. Our customers are as diverse as our selection, operating in many different industries and countries. Ole Schak Nielsen, VP Sales and Marketing at Carmo, explains why Ultraplast needed a new website:

”The boxes from Ultraplast deserve a website that reflects the high quality of the boxes. With this new website, we get a facelift of our overall expression, and we lift the presentation of the products to a higher level. We are very satisfied with the website, and we hope that new and existing customers will welcome the new site.”

Ole Schak Nielsen, VP Sales & Marketing at Carmo

Do you want to know more about products from Ultraplast?

Do you need boxes or cases that can give you the overview you need? Contact us on ultraplast.dk or by phone on +45 4912 2122, to find a solution matching your requirements.

Author: Ole Eldar Andersen