Carmo har reduceret miljøpåvirkningen med 17 tons CO2

We have reduced our environmental impact significantly in a few months

In only a few months, Carmo has reduced its environmental impact by 17 tonnes of emitted CO2 and cut the cost for waste management by 30%.

Since May 2021, we have been categorizing and sorting our surplus and waste plastic using waste systems and training of our employees in plastic sorting, so that we now sort plastic in eight fractions.

Before we started sorting, the vast majority of the waste fractions ended up in landfill or were incinerated. Therefore, the ambition going forward is that all waste leaving the company must be sorted. And it has exceeded all expectations.

Thus, in just eight months, we have reduced our environmental impact by 17 tonnes of emitted CO2. We have sent 21.3 tonnes of waste plastic for recycling at the recycling company Stena Recycling. They buy and resell the plastic for recycling at other European plastic companies.

Sorteringen af plast i Carmo er en styret proces, der sikrer en enkel og effektiv arbejdsgang med maksimalt udbytte. Systemet fortæller medarbejderen, hvilken affaldsbeholder plastaffaldet skal placeres i.
The sorting of plastic in Carmo is a controlled process that ensures a simple and efficient workflow with maximum yield. The system tells the employee which waste container the plastic waste should be placed in.

Waste sorting pays off

However, it is far from a matter of course that all the delivered plastic waste can be recycled. The individual fractions must be separate and of a certain quality in order for them to be resold and recycled to be included in the production of new products.

“The different types of plastic can not be recycled if they are mixed together, as they have different melting temperatures and properties. But good waste sorting ensures a higher recycling rate and better quality of the material that is recycled. Therefore, it is extra important that the individual companies are thorough in the sorting of their fractions and preferably also provide data on the types of plastic that are in their plastic waste.”

Vibeke Jacobsen, Product Area Manager at Stena Recycling

Since we started sorting at the end of May, we have become better and better at proper waste sorting and already in September we reached the point that 88 percent of plastic waste could be used for material recycling.

In addition to the reduction in CO2 reduction and a high recycling efficiency, we have also saved money.

“Previously, we paid to have all waste collected, but now we sell our used plastic, and this has meant a reduction of 30 percent of our waste management costs. It clearly shows that you can implement green initiatives and think about the environment without it necessarily becoming more expensive.”

Per Brix, Production Manager at Carmo

The employees are now environmental representatives

Our success would not have been possible if our skilled staff had not embraced the initiative so much.

“Our employees have become environmental ambassadors, and several have even contributed with further proposals for recycling. Among other things, we are now also in the process of sorting our canteen waste. So a big thank you to all our talented and passionate colleagues who have made it all possible.”

Per Brix, Production Manager at Carmo

Author: Ole Eldar Andersen