Carmo is exhibiting at 3D TECH 2021

Carmo is exhibiting at 3D TECH, October 5-7

Carmo Print Moulding will be in focus when Carmo is exhibiting at 3D TECH. Meet us at the exhibition that also hosts a conference on 3D.

More rapid than rapid prototyping

We have taken rapid prototyping to the next level. Carmo Print Moulding is simply more rapid than conventional rapid prototyping. Our solution is 100% integrated in the product development, ensuring a fast proof-of-concept.

Benefits of Carmo Print Moulding:

  • Functional prototypes in the right material
  • Fast iterations. Faster decisions
  • Several designs simultaneously
  • Cost-efficient solution

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Much more efficient with the best from two worlds

Carmo has the expertise and the state-of-the-art technology to 3D print tools. They are used to injection mould prototypes in the right materials. In comparison, conventional 3D printed prototyping is limited to only a few specific materials. If you use traditional prototyping with aluminum tools, both the production time and the costs are much higher on the individual tool.

With Carmo Print Moulding, you get the best from two worlds: Relatively inexpensive tools and minimal manufacturing time. Iterations, test, and experiments can be completed quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively. Yes, it is just as good as it sounds!

Meet us at booth number K8132 – get a free ticket

Do you want to meet us at the exhibition? Please contact us on, and we will provide a free ticket.

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More information?

Do you want more information about Carmo Print Moulding, or other of Carmo’s services or products? Please fill out our contact form on, send an e-mail to, or contact us on phone number 4912 2100.

Author: Ole Eldar Andersen