Product launch: Threaded welding flanges in industry standard thread sizes

Carmo is introducing two new internal flanges, so that we now offer a complete range matching industry standard sizes.

Compatible with standard fittings

To be able to meet customer needs for flanges with different flow requirements, Carmo has chosen to expand the portfolio. Jens Peter Nielsen, Export Account Manager for industrial products at Carmo A/S, explains:

“With the expansion, we now offer a complete range of high-quality internal flanges compatible to standard fittings. The expansion supplements our existing sizes G ¾” and G ½” with the new sizes G 1” and the American pipe thread size NPSM 1”. The Carmo range of internal flanges is a perfect match for applications such as water/liquid tanks, inflatable products, soft containers for powders/granules etc. We look forward to supplying our customers our new complete range of internal flanges.”

Examples of applications for Carmo’s internal flanges

Carmo's internal flanges are used for water/liquid tanks
Water/liquid tanks
Inflatable products
Soft containers

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Depending on the type, all our flanges are HF weldable to either PVC or PVC/PUR.

High quality components with useful features

Carmo has developed the range of internal flanges with several features, which are beneficial when adding the component to a specific application. Anders Johnsen, VP R&D and Technology at Carmo A/S, explains:

“When we develop new components, we focus on adding different useful features to the component. In the design stages, we use our extensive knowledge of the requirements in different industries. Therefore, we have included a recess for a cap retainer ring. The flanges are also a smooth sealing area for caps/fittings with O ring. Finally, we have added protrusions on the underside of the flanges preventing the material from shutting off flow during filling/emptying. Bespoke welding electrodes are available.”

Contact us for more information

If you are interested in our range of internal flanges or other of our components, please contact us for more information or to require samples. Please call +45 4912 2100, fill out our form on or send a mail to:

Author: Ole Eldar Andersen