Carmo surplus material is turned into designer bags

Carmo surplus material is turned into designer bags

We have entered into a new collaboration with the Swedish bag manufacturer Hinza, who will transform 10 tons of our surplus materials into designer bags every year.

In the future, up to 10 tons of surplus plastic will travel the short distance from Carmo in Denmark to Hinza in Perstorp, Sweden. Here, the plastic will be transformed into durable and fashionable bags.

The surplus plastic is from Carmo’s production of components for the medico industry and therefore of the highest quality. For the same reason, the two companies expect the bags to last a lifetime. If you still want to get rid of the bag, the plastic can be remelted and used again, thereby adding another life cycle to the surplus material.

0,61 kilo surplus plastic is used for each bag. If Hinza uses the expected ten tons of plastic each year, the recycling corresponds to a saving of approximately 22,000 kilos of emitted CO2 compared to if the material had been burned as waste material.

A perfect match

When Hinza decided that their new collection should be made of recycled plastic, the search began for the right supplier. However,  quantities in the right quality, amounts and within a short geographical distance proved to be hard to find. For this purpose, Orbit Supply Chain AB, a Swedish company specialized in supplying recycled plastic materials, was hired.

With the plastic from Carmo we are able to supply Hinza with a recycled material that can be used up to 100 percent in their latest product, and that gives both Carmo and Hinza full traceability.

Carl Påhlman, CEO of Orbit Supply Chain AB

Visit the website of Orbit Supply Chain AB (in Swedish)

The cooperation with Hinza fits perfectly with Carmo’s journey to meet the ambitious goals stated in Science Based Targets, which we committed to in 2021.

– Carmo always work to reduce production waste. It is a part of our DNA and closely linked to our commitment to improving our climate footprint. When plastic waste can’t be avoided, it is our responsibility to make sure that the plastic is used again – in this case in versatile and durable Hinza bags. We are very happy about the project with Hinza, and we hope to find similar projects for other parts of our production waste in the future

Claus Steenstrup Ishøy, CEO at Carmo

– The use of recycled materials saves resources and energy and is in line with Hinza’s ambition to reduce the use of virgin, oil based plastic. The cooperation with Carmo is a perfect match for both parties.

Karin Bachstätter, CEO at Hinza AB

The Hinza bag is an iconic bag design from 1950s. The new design manufactured by recycled plastic can be purchased online on Hinza’s website and other international webshops.

Go to Hinza’s website

Author: Ole Eldar Andersen