Redesign of Carmo website

Improved customer journey on Carmo’s website

Carmo is happy to present a redesign of our website, where we have improved the customer journey and given the website a general update of the overall expression. Furthermore, we have expanded the section focusing on our unique set up for custom designed solutions.

Intuitive customer journey

Carmo has three business areas: medical components, technical components, and custom designed solutions. As a customer on Carmo’s website, it should be clear where to go to find information relevant for you. Mette Sonne, VP Sales and Marketing at Carmo A/S, explains the redesign:

“We wanted to simplify the customer journey on our website. With this update, we improve the customer journey to match our three business areas. Therefore, our customers are now guided to the relevant areas of the website in a much more intuitive way than before. We are happy with the result and hope that new and existing customers will appreciate both the improvements on the navigation and the updated design.”

More focus on custom designed solutions

Besides Carmo’s wide range of standard products for medical devices and technical applications, Carmo is a very strong partner when you need a custom designed solution. These competencies are now described in more detail. Mette Sonne, explains:

“At Carmo, we are experts at helping customers develop and manufacture smart and robust solutions matching specific requirements. However, our website did not reflect this very well. Now, we have added more descriptions of our know-how and the possibilities for custom designed solutions at Carmo. An important part of this is Carmo Print Moulding, where we combine Additive Manufacturing with injection moulding in order to provide prototypes ready for testing in half the time and at half the cost compared to conventional prototyping. We hope that the expansion of this section of the website will result in more exiting customer projects in the future.”

Learn more about the possibilities for custom designed solutions

Learn more about Carmo Print Moulding

More information?

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Author: Ole Eldar Andersen