Reinforced Metal Eyelet

Add lifetime to screens and banners with reinforced eyelets

Carmo has developed a metal reinforced plastic eyelet that adds up to 3 x strength of a standard metal eyelet. This is a perfect solution for cinema screens, large banners etc., which require a high level of strength and durability.

The size of your screen or banner is no longer a problem with Metal Reinforced Eyelets

Carmo offers a wide range of eyelets in different sizes and shapes that covers the needs for a long range of industries. The newest addition to the portfolio is a plastic eyelet 11/27mm reinforced with a metal eyelet, which is moulded directly into the plastic eyelet. Jens Peter Nielsen, Export Account Manager for industrial products at Carmo A/S, explains the possibilities with this new component:

“The size of cinema screens and large promotional banners means that they are exposed to strong pull forces, which mainly challenges the strength and durability of the eyelets used for fixating. With our patented Metal Reinforced Eyelet, you get the benefits of strength and flexibility from the combination of metal and plastic. This ensures that the lifetime of these types of demanding applications is increased up to 3 times compared to using a standard metal eyelet. Since the Metal Reinforced Eyelet is so much stronger than a standard eyelet, it is even possible to reduce the number of eyelets, which gives an aesthetic finish to the screen or banner. We are happy to introduce this new product to our customers.”

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Reinforced Metal Eyelet strongest in a pull test

We have conducted a pull test to compare the strength of a standard metal eyelet to a standard Carmo plastic eyelet and the Metal Reinforced Eyelet. The pull test clearly shows that the standard metal eyelet tears the foil at a much lower pull force than the plastic eyelets with the Metal Reinforced Eyelet as the strongest in the test. See the pull test in the video below.

A unique solution that saves you a production process

Carmo is always looking for opportunities to develop new solutions that can add value to our customers’ products. Anders Johnsen, VP R&D and Technology at Carmo A/S, explains:

“Here at Carmo, we have an innovative approach to product development, were we often succeed in combining different functionalities in one product. With the Metal Reinforced Eyelet, we have created a unique product that not only combines the qualities of metal eyelets and plastic eyelets, but also saves our customers a production process. Carmo’s patented production technique with the metal eyelet moulded directly into the plastic eyelet offers you a high quality component that is ready to use and can be mounted in a single operation using high frequency welding. There is no need to design your own solution, where you will have to first mount a plastic eyelet and then mount a metal eyelet on top. You can simply use your existing high frequency welding machine to weld the eyelet onto the foil. You just need the electrode from us. Carmo also offers their own range of high frequency welding machines, which can weld the eyelet.”

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Author: Ole Eldar Andersen