Looking for ultimate strength and durability ?

Carmo is introducing a unique and patented technology, offering the ultimate eyelets, with strength and durability for demanding environments and applications.

Are you looking for a durable solution with high pull force for demanding applications such as large outdoor structures, banners, covers, inflatables etc.?

With the new patent pending solution Metal Reinforced Eyelet, we offer you a simple and very effective solution that is up to 3 times stronger than traditional metal eyelets. 

The metal eyelet is moulded directly into the plastic eyelet resulting in: 

  • A strong and durable solution 
  • Smooth internal surfaces reducing tear and wear significantly on e.g. rope and bungees
  • Easy mounting by using high frequency welding in a single operation



Our metal eyelets are designed and produced at our production facility in Denmark, a highly automated injection moulding production that ensures high-quality components with a short lead time. 

Read more about the new Metal Reinforced Plastic eyelet here

Author: Claus Ishøy