Capacity within the hour

Time to market, agility in processes, and proximity of partners are becoming increasingly more important to manufacturers of single use devices.

A valuable supplier offering the capability to assist you in the design, ramp up and production of your next injection moulded component, should also offer the relevant capacity.

Say Hello! to M440…our newest member of the Carmo family.

Competent capacity, we call it.

And as we take this new injection moulding machine into service, we are happy to invite existing and new customers to a dialogue on how we can support your process.

.. all the details for the Tech nerds:

M440 is an ENGEL 330/80 SPEX, with a clamping force of 80 kN. The specification includes Eco-drive, 35 mm injection unit, euromap 67 and core pull etc.

Once installed in our new 1.000 sqm production facility, this unit brings additional capacity to customer’s as well as Carmo branded products.

Needless to mention that our 10 tonnes crane, is a major facilitator in relation to the internal transportation and placement of this injection moulding machine.

Additional capacity arrived and placed on site Carmo in Espergaerde, within one hour.

Author: Claus Ishøy