Société Kingkraft : La haute qualité contribue à une sécurité supplémentaire

Interview with Jan Wdowczyk, Digital Marketing Manager at Kingkraft

Kingkraft manufactures specialist equipment for people with disabilities. This includes height adjustable baths, changing tables, toilet facilities, and wash basins including cushions and supports. Carmo supplies PVC components in the high quality matching the expectations in this market.

High quality for extra security

Kingkraft was established in 1984 and is based in the United Kingdom. The company designs tailor-made solutions for assisted living, delivering to care homes, private homes, special schools etc. Jan Wdowczyk, Digital Marketing Manager at Kingkraft, explains that quality plays an important role:

“Due to the nature of the end-users, it is absolutely essential that our products add a safe environment for the user. We use Carmo’s PVC buttons on our vacuum support cushion for bathtubs. The buttons serve as a secure base to weld suction cups on the backside of the cushion and to separate the compartments of the cushion for extra comfort. We are very happy with the high welding quality and the consistency of the Carmo components. Carmo has been our supplier of PVC buttons for a very long time now, and there has never been any reason to look for another supplier.”

Jan Wdowczyk

Carmo’s short delivery time ensures a flexible production

Kingkraft’s products are often customized to match the needs of the individual user. Jan Wdowczyk explains that this has an impact on the planning of the production:

“All our customers have specific requirements. Therefore, we offer to make customized solutions tailored to their individual needs. This means that most of our products are made in small batches and in short notice. We depend on having suppliers that have a short delivery time. We are very pleased with Carmo’s short delivery times, which ensures a flexible production of our vacuum support cushions.”

Jan Wdowczyk

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