Germa: La plus haute qualité pour les applications critiques

Interview with Patrik Thornström, Operations Manager at Germa

Germa manufactures high-quality equipment for emergency and rescue operations. The high quality of Carmo’s components makes Carmo a perfect fit for Germa.

Premium quality for critical applications

Germa is a Swedish company founded in 1925 with expertise in developing premium quality equipment matching customer requirements. Germa exports their equipment worldwide. Patrik Thornström, Operations Manager at Germa, explains the focus on quality:

« Customers contact us because they know Germa offers premium quality. Our products are used in critical, lifesaving situations. Therefore, the quality of our products must be able to meet the highest quality standards. We use Carmo’s flange on several different products e.g., our vacuum mattresses, and Carmo’s components match our high standards perfectly. We are very pleased with the cooperation with Carmo.”

Patrik Thornström, Operations Manager at Germa

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Geographic proximity is important

The geographical proximity of Germa’s suppliers is important for various reasons. Patrik Thornström explains:

“It is of high value to us that it is easy to get in touch with Carmo. They are responsive and provide us professional consulting on technical issues. Also, Germa is focusing on reducing our CO2 footprint, and the short distance between Denmark and Sweden is a key element to keeping CO2 emissions down. Finally, we need suppliers that are following the REACH guidelines, which Carmo is also doing.”

Patrik Thornström, Operations Manager at Germa

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