11/27 mm heavy duty plastic eyelet with square shoulders.
Typically used for hole reinforcements in banners, tarpaulins, building wraps etc. Geometry and material optimised for High Frequency (HF) welding.
HF Welded PVC and plastic eyelets will fuse together with the foil and result in a joint that is significantly stronger and can withstand significantly higher pull forces than metal eyelet. This is especially true when working in mesh materials.
PVC and plastic eyelets will not tear out and will not rust and stain the material. They can be colour matched to the fabric and will make recycling of PVC and vinyl banners much easier.

Materials: PZ33, standard PVC compound, hardness 45+/-2 Shore D, PY28, modified for operating temperatures down to –20°C, hardness 51+/-2 Shore D. Available in PE too for PE based materials.

These components are manufactured in Denmark by Injection Molding, securing high quality, low unit prices, focus on sustainability and respect for the enveronmental impact of production.

Can be High Frequency welded using our electrode 07-402-0010, ingen/PE

  • Material and geometry optimized for High Frequency (HF) welding
  • Delivered stacked for use in Carmo's (or 3rd party) automatic punch and welding machines
  • Variants on stock shipped worldwide within 5 businessdays
  • Available in versions for welding to PUR based materials
  • Produced in Denmark using quality materials and in respect of sustainability and work environment

Order# Material Color From stock Standard Pack Proper-
Use Comments In stock
('000 pcs)
04-275-1318 PELD
4 x 4.000
Bulk 5,200
04-275-1305 PVC
4 x 4.000
Bulk 115,500
04-275-1357 PVC
80 x 175
Stacked 128,975
04-275-1303 PVC
4 x 4.000
Bulk 546,215
04-275-1353 PVC
80 x 175
Stacked 407,050
04-275-1355 PVC
80 x 175
Stacked 29,925
04-275-1311 PVC
4 x 4.000
Bulk 105,760
04-275-1323 PVC
4 x 4.000
Bulk 0,700
04-275-1313 PVC
4 x 4.000
Bulk -
04-275-1315 PVC/PUR
4 x 4.000
Bulk -
04-275-1359 PVC/PUR
80 x 175
Stacked 136,850

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Please note: Products in PVC are inherently susceptible to deformation due to elevated temperatures during storage and transportation. Carmo recommends storing and transporting components between 0 and 30 deg Celsius. In order to help minimise this risk, all Carmo products are shipped in extremely rigid cartons with a comparatively small number of parts per box.

(*) Smaller quantities can be delivered on request for a repacking fee.

(**) Stocklevels are indicative.