End of bed/wall hanger with pins For many types of medical bag and urine bags.

Must be paired with hook sold separately.

Carmo’s hangers for urine bags are supplied as 2 parts, which must be assembled before use: A bar on which the bag is placed and a clamp to go over the bedframe.
The bar is made with slits making velcro band an option as alternative to the clamp.
Carmo hangers are designed so that a dripchamber can be used in connection with the hangers.
The clamp is designed so that it can act as a hoseclamp during removal of the filled bag.

Carmo hangers are available in PP or PA materials. PA in case the hangers shall be sterilized.

  • Variants on stock shipped worldwide within 5 businessdays
  • Variants on stock available in small quantities
  • Can be ordered in other colors and materials

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1 x 500 16,410
1 x 500 19,120

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