Carmo’s hangers for urine bags are supplied as 2 parts, which must be assembled before use.

A bar on which the bag is placed and a clamp to go over the bedframe.

The bar is made with slits making velcro band an option as alternative to the clamp.

Carmo hangers are available in PP or PA materials. PA in case the hangers shall be sterilized.

Carmo hangers are designed so that a dripchamber can be used in connection with the hangers.

The clamp is designed so that it can act as a hoseclamp during removal of the filled bag.


09-110 – Hanger for urine bag with hooks, hookdistance 154 mm

09-115 – Hanger for urine bag with 2×2 pins, distances 140/150/160 mm

Ordering and variant information

All measurements and drawings are nominal. For exact measurements - and for critical integration - please contact sales for detailed drawings.

(*) Smaller quantities can be delivered on request for a repacking fee.