Get the best from both worlds!
Use your existing HF welding equipment while adding strength and durability to your products.
Carmo's metal reinforced eyelets (Pat. Pending) offer a simple, yet very effective solution for demanding applications. 
A metal eyelet moulded directly into the plastic eyelet delivers strength and durability compared to traditional plastic eyelets and up to 3 times the strength compared to traditional metal eyelets.
The internal surfaces are smooth, reducing the tear and wear on rope, bungess etc. significantly.

The Metal Reinforced Eyelets can be mounted using high frequency welding in a single operation. No need to first mount a plastic eyelet and subsequently mount a metal eyelet.

Carmo's patented production technique ensures that the metal and plastic parts a fused together during production, delivering a strength that can never be obtained with traditionally mounted metal eyelets.
The metal inserts are acid and corrosion resistant, promising long lifetime in demanding applications.

  • Material and geometry optimized for High Frequency (HF) welding
  • Delivered stacked for use in Carmo's (or 3rd party) automatic punch and welding machines
  • Heavy duty design for demanding applications and greater load

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