HF/ultrasonic weldable buttonhole reinforcement. for use with raincoats, protective gear or other areas where an easy and inexpensive attachment is needed.

Can be welded directly to PVC sheets and foils. Carmo's unique PVC blend ensures perfect weldings with minimal hassle.
Carmo´s specially designed welding electrode holds the buttonhole reinforcement in place enabling easy placement on the material. The electrode can also be used to cut thin unreinforced materials in the same operation, eliminating the need for punching.

These components are manufactured in Denmark by Injection Moulding

Can be High Frequency welded using our electrode 07-100-0061

  • Material and geometry optimized for High Frequency (HF) welding
  • Variants on stock shipped worldwide within 5 businessdays
  • Variants on stock available in small quantities
  • Can be ordered in other colors and materials

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4 x 8.000
4 x 8.000

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