Weld Carmo eyelets with your existing bar welder
Using these eyelet setter inserts in your existing HF welding equipment, will allow you to weld Carmo’s range of PVC and PVC/PUR eyelets with a minimal investment

These cut and weld eyelet setter tools and electrode are precision-tools, carrying out two tasks in one: Punching the central hole and acting as electrode and clamp for the HF welding.

The UG4 with electrode insert is designed for use with a HF welding press or bar welder and has been constructed for quick interchanging of the different electrodes.


The UG4 eyelet setter tool is available in three sizes:

Model Eyelet geometry Eyelet sizes Dimensions
UG4-M20 Round 5 mm to 15 mm (H=135mm,W=55mm,L=165mm)
UG4-M30 Round 19 mm (H=145mm,W=75mm,L=200mm)
UG4-M50 Oval 9/42 mm to 40/67 mm (H=215mm,W=125mm,L=120mm)

These tools are designed, hand-built and tested in Denmark, offering superb quality and durability .

We supply the UG4 with requested electrode and is ready for operation out of the box.

Please Contact sales for details on electrodes and options for our different weldable components and eyelet setter tools.

Ordering and variant information

All measurements and drawings are nominal. For exact measurements - and for critical integration - please contact sales for detailed drawings.

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UG4 - Electrodestand
For welding Carmo eyelets in existing bar welders. Electrodes sold separately depending on geometry of parts to weld
Order# Description From stock Properties Comments

(*) Smaller quantities can be delivered on request for a repacking fee.