Banner eyelets in plastic can tripple your banner strength

Banner eyelets made of PVC (Vinyl) and a number of other materials are ideal candidates for banners, building wraps and other demanding applications.

Plastic and PVC banner eyelets that are HF welded will partially melt and fuse together with the foil and create a strong and flexible bond. This is especially true when working with mesh materials – e.g. in advertising banners, sun screens or building wraps.

Traditional metal grommets offers no re-inforcement of the foil material and will tear from the base material under relatively low pull forces.

Plastic banner eyelets on the other hand fuses with and reinforces the base materiel, allowing to withstand up to twice the pull strength compared to traditional metal grommets.


By welding a plastic eyelet or PVC eyelet to each side of the foil, even higher pull forces can be sustained. Depending on the application, up to 3x pull resistance can be obtained.