Carmo’s PVC glue – Carmo Seal is perfect for prototype- and small volume production and for onsite repairs.

Repairs on lorry covers, tarpulins, banners, building wraps and inflatable devices, boats etc can be done instantly.

Carmo PVC glue has an exceptional bonding and relatively long “open time” offering minimal hassle.
Carmo Seal is resistant to heat, water, oil, petrol, plasticizer and ageing.

Carmo PVC glue is suitable for gluing of soft PVC to PVC. Also suitable for certain other materials

Ordering and variant information

All measurements and drawings are nominal. For exact measurements - and for critical integration - please contact sales for detailed drawings.


PVC glue - Carmo Seal

PVC Glue for soft PVC. Please note: Class 3 hazardous goods. Special shipping requirements and fees apply.
Interested in other colors or materials? Please call for quote...

(*) Smaller quantities can be delivered on request for a repacking fee.