Snap grommet for hole reinforcements for materials such as textiles, awnings, tarpaulins, banners. Can be inserted manually or using our clip tool 07-512. 

Clip / snap Grommets offer the simplicity and speed of metal grommets AND can be colour matched and easily recycled.

PP-high impact strength polypropylene, temperature range –20ºC to +60ºC, weather resistant.

Suitable for materials up to 1,4 mm thickness. Depending on the thickness of the material the snap grommet is mounted in, one or more washers 04-510 can be used to secure the ring. Also available in a larger variant 04-522 for Ø 20mm holes.

Snap grommets made on plastic makes it easier to recycle or waste sort a tarpaulin, since the entire tarpaulin can be waste sorted without having to cut out metal eyelets.

It is possible to order customer specific colour variants. Please contact sales and hear about the possibilities.

  • Variants on stock shipped worldwide within 5 businessdays
  • Variants on stock available in small quantities
  • Inserted without tools
  • Match or surpass metal grommets in pull strength
  • Produced in Denmark using quality materials and in respect of sustainability and work environment

Order# Material Color From stock Standard Pack Proper-
Use Comments In stock
('000 pcs)
04-512-7050 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 Incl. Washer 28,000
04-512-7117 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 21,000
04-512-7054 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 Incl. Washer 53,000
04-512-7107 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 8,000
04-512-7058 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 Incl. Washer 14,000
04-512-7115 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 8,000
04-512-7062 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 Incl. Washer 18,000
04-512-7052 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 Incl. Washer 75,900
04-512-7105 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 35,000
04-512-7055 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 Incl. Washer 22,000
04-512-7108 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 12,000
04-512-7103 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 4,000
04-512-7060 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 Incl. Washer -
04-512-7112 PP+PP
4 x 1.000 1,000

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