Plastic for Chemistry and Physics Teachers

For the third year in a row, Carmo welcomed physics and chemistry teachers for a tour of the factory. Here, 29 teachers were given a guided tour of the production and got an insight into modern production of plastic components. The event also focused on the education as plastic processing technician.

Possibilities with plastic

The tour at Carmo was a part of an event arranged by The Danish Plastics Federation, a trade association for plastics. First, the teachers visited The Technical University of Denmark, where they were taught theory of plastic and took part of laboratory tests focusing on plastic. Subsequently, the teachers were on a guided tour of Carmo. Per Brix, VP of Production at Carmo, explains:

”It is the third year in a row that we open our doors for this event for physics and chemistry teachers, and it is an event that we are very happy about. We are always interested in explaining the many applications possible with plastic, and we want to show how Carmo works responsibly with plastic. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to demonstrate the complexity of the production process. Here we can show, how Carmo work to maintain and improve our competitiveness by employing innovation, automisation and strong competences. We depend on our ability to attract the right competencies to our company, and therefore an event with so many physics and chemistry teachers attending is interesting for us. This gives us the opportunity to inform about the education as plastic processing technician, and thereby more young people will hopefully remember the plastic industry, when they are choosing their education. Plastic processing technician is a very interesting education with good prospects for the future. We have many plastic processing technicians employed at Carmo, and they play an important role in Carmo’s production of quality products. We can only encourage more young people to choose this education.”

Read more about the education as plastic processing technician (in Danish)

Physics and chemistry teachers at Carmo
Rasmus Selle (number four from the left), was one of the teachers visiting Carmo.

Plastic from theory to practice

As a teacher of physics and chemistry you are often met with the critical approach towards plastic from young people. For this reason, Rasmus Selle, a teacher of physics and chemistry at Karlslunde Skole, is happy to learn more about plastic. He explains:

”When we talk about plastic with young people, they often focus on the negative sides to plastic e.g. micro plastic or plastic islands in the oceans. Naturally, we need to be able to address these questions. At the same time, it was very interesting that this event gave us more perspectives on plastic. Plastic have many good qualities, and the visit to The Technical University of Denmark gave us exciting knowledge on the chemistry of plastic, and we tried some practical experiments that we can use in our teaching. It was fun to the production process up close and how many different components you can manufacture with plastics. Also, the visit at Carmo introduced me to the education as plastic processing technician. This could be a very good opportunity for many young people instead of choosing a high school. It has been a very good day, and I wish that more industries offered similar events.”

Physics and chemistry teachers visiting Carmo 2019_interest
There were much to see and many good questions on the tour of the production at Carmo.


Author: Ole Eldar Andersen