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Introducing Carmo SuperValveTM – a unique turn valve moulded in one piece

At Carmo we have designed and developed a unique turn valve for urine collection bags, Carmo SuperValveTM. The valve is moulded in one piece, which increases the strength and durability of the valve and ensures fully automated high-volume production in Denmark. The patented valve will be presented at the Compamed fair in Germany in November.

Valve production in the West is under pressure by production in the East, where low wages keep costs down. But as the first company in the world, Carmo has now designed and developed a fully moulded turn valve for urine bags and other medical bags. Moulding the valve in one piece means that costs are kept at a low level. This makes fully automated volume production in Denmark competitive internationally.

”We dare to call Carmo SuperValveTM a genuine revolution on the market. We have cracked the code on how to mould a turn valve in one piece, which means that we can cut production time significantly. We become competitive in an area, where there is a lot of competition, and we are doing it with a highly durable and safe product.”

Anders Johnsen, R&D and Technology Director at Carmo A/S

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Groundbreaking production increases safety

Besides the competitiveness of high-volume production, there are more benefits in producing the new valve in one piece. Normal valves, which are produced in several parts, are held together with silicone to ensure density. With the new valve, you minimize the risk of leakages because there are no joints, and you also avoid the non-biodegradable silicone in the production.

”It’s a clear improvement compared to normal turn valves that we can now produce them in a single piece. We avoid all the intermediate processes where several parts need to be produced and assembled. We have a product with a high level of durability and uniformity, which makes the valve more secure and resistant to leakage. It’s groundbreaking for the industry that we can now reach such a high level of valve safety. At the same time, they meet the ISO 13485 and the MDR-regulation and will be produced in medically certified materials to ensure that safety and leak resistance is guaranteed.”

Anders Johnsen, R&D and Technology Director at Carmo A/S

Custom-design presented at trade fair

Carmo’s specialty is custom-designed products that can be produced in great quantities, and Carmo SuperValveTM is no exception. This means that the valves can be produced specifically for various purposes and needs, and thereby to specific industries, which is unique considering that costs and production rates are still competitive.

”It’s a rather simple product with a highly important function for both investors and the end user. That’s why it’s essential for us to be able to offer a safe, quality product that can be custom designed to fulfill the customers’ wishes. We look forward to presenting the valve on the Compamed fair in Germany, where potential business partners can see the valve and talk to our team regarding the development and the design of the product.”

Anders Johnsen, R&D and Technology Director at Carmo A/S

Carmo will present Carmo SuperValveTM at the Compamed fair that takes place in Düsseldorf November 14th to 17th. You can find Carmo at the Danish Exports Pavillion of Denmark, hall 8A, booth R11.

Visit Carmo’s booth to hear more about the Carmo SuperValveTM and chat with, among others, development- and technology director Anders Johnsen and key account manager Susanne Schannong Lundstrøm about customer-specific solutions, and how the valve can be adapted to exactly your needs.

Book a meeting at our booth by contacting Anders Johnsen on the email addresse or by phone +45 4912 2102.

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Author: Ole Eldar Andersen