Carmo’s production and deliveries during COVID-19

Carmo is following the development of the spreading of COVID-19 closely. We have taken precautions to protect our employees, our company and the deliveries to our customers. We would like to emphasize that currently none of our employees have been infected with COVID-19.

As of Thursday March 12, all employees in Sales, Finance and Technical departments are working from home to minimise the contact with employees in Production and Logistics. Our production is running as normal.
To be prepared for the possibility of future COVID-19 cases in our production staff, we have initiated a cross-training programme among our production staff. Consequently, all operators are trained to handle several production processes. This precaution will strengthen our capability to continue our production at the same level as before COVID-19.

The Danish borders have been closed until April 13 by the Danish authorities. However, goods will still be able to leave and enter Denmark and restrictions do not impact drivers delivering them. Other countries have implemented similar restrictions. This could imply queues at the borders, but we only expect this to have minor impact on the deliveries.

We maintain a close dialogue with our suppliers regarding the supply situation. To date, we have not experienced any problems with supplies to our production.

If any changes occur that will affect your delivery, we aim to give you an early notice.

We appreciate your understanding.

Contact us for more information

If you have any questions regarding Carmo production and your specific deliveries during COVID-19, please contact us for more information. Please send a mail to or call +45 4912 2100.

Author: Ole Eldar Andersen