Carmo’s 3D print capabilities promoted in new sustainable innovation hub

Deloitte has launched a platform called ”Acacia – the sustainable innovation hub”. Carmo’s experiences and future plans with Additive Manufacturing are promoted here as a case.

Pursuing Sustainable Goals With New Technology

The purpose of Deloitte’s new innovation hub is to help companies develop sustainable business solutions. Deloitte has worked closely with Carmo to develop a sustainable business strategy with Additive Manufacturing.

Below you can read the case from Acacia.

With 3D printing we can support innovative start-up companies much better

Since the 1940’s, Danish based Carmo has manufactured plastic components for the industry. Today, 3D printing is opening the door for new opportunities within developing tasks for instance based on sustainability and innovation.

All the way back in 1946, Carmo introduced one of the first injection moulding machines in Denmark. Just after World War 2, plastic was the new wonder cure – cheap, flexible and with a huge potential to revolutionize the manufacturing sector and set new standards for mass production.

The injection moulding machine at Carmo was the start of a long industrial adventure that lives on to this day. Anders Johnsen, VP R&D and Technology hos Carmo explains:

“In fact, we can boast of being pioneers in injection moulding through almost a lifetime. This has enabled us to build a large product portfolio and a loyal customer base. Today, we are ISO 13485 certified to supply medico components for example for urine bags. At the same time, we supply a wide range of technical components to industrial applications, including components that can be high-frequency welded on foils.”

As a frontrunner in the development of plastic components, Carmo was quick to spot that 3D technology could potentially hold great potential for innovation and sustainability. Therefore, they invested early on in a 3D printer at the factory in Espergærde to take the first small steps and at the same time build experience, says Anders Johnsen:

“Our first exercises with 3D printing were actually with the robot grippers for our technical departments. With more than 600 product groups, we need a wide range of different grippers to be able to automate production. The vast majority of these are printed in 3D today, in fact to such an extent that our 3D printers run almost 24 hours a day.”

Today, Carmo’s 3D printers are a regular part of the company’s many development tasks. Therefore, Anders Johnsen and his team is ready to go even further:

“It has definitely been important for us to gain a lot of experience to understand both the possibilities and the complexity of 3D printing. It also makes us feel well equipped to take the next steps. In line with for instance the UN Sustainability Goals, we want to reduce our stock and reduce waste by introducing print-on-demand. We would also like to be able to service low-volume products. Finally, there is a huge perspective in being able to support startup companies with new prototypes that previously would have been extremely expensive to manufacture using the traditional methods. Here too, 3D printing is opening up for much more innovative and sustainable thinking. In the future, we will say yes to many more of these types of tasks.”

Although the team at Carmo with assistance from Deloitte is still in the process of laying out both a short- and long-term plan for how the company will invest in 3D printing, Anders Johnsen dares to put numbers on the ambitions:

“Within 5 years, we will create an annual additional turnover of DKK 5-8 million to the extent that 3D printing can support our current injection moulding business. Maybe the potential is even greater, who knows? The only thing we know for sure is that we are constantly having new aha moments when we look at 3D printing. At Carmo, it is a technology that is here to stay.”

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Author: Ole Eldar Andersen