Carmo has waste sorted for two years with very good results

2 years of waste sorting with major impact

Carmo has now sorted its production waste for two years. The result is that we have reduced the environmental impact by 135 tons emitted CO2.

Carmo began sorting its waste systematically in May 2021. Therefore, all our waste is now sorted in our environmental station where plastic waste is sorted in 11 fractions. Previously, the main part of Carmo’s waste was sent to incineration or landfill. In connection to the waste sorting, Carmo has entered into an agreement with Stena Recycling. They handle the sorted waste and distributes it for recycling, incineration or landfill. So far, our efforts with waste sorting and recycling through Stena Recycling has reduced the environmental impact by 118 tons emitted CO2.

As a result of our waste sorting, Carmo has also begun a cooperation with the bag producer Hinza. The Swedish company will transform 10 tons of our waste plastic into designer bags every year. This has so far resulted in a reduced environmental impact of 17 tons emitted CO2.

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Overall, Carmo has therefore reduced the environmental impact by 135 tons emitted CO2 since May 2021

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Author: Ole Eldar Andersen