The new 180º Carmo SuperValve™

Powerful advantages in one go

Patent pending

We dare to call it a (little) revolution. The new 180° Carmo SuperValve™ is almost a turn valve as you know it. Only the Carmo SuperValve™ is not made in several parts which subsequently need to be assembled afterwards. The Carmo SuperValve™ is moulded in one piece providing powerfull advantages for you, your end users and your business:

Advantages for you and your business:

  • Market leading quality and uniformity
  • Complying with ISO 13485 and MDR
  • Documented CO2 reduction of 28% compared to traditional turn valves
  • Modular solution fitting your needs
  • Possibility for delivery in biocompatible materials
  • Made in Denmark ensuring security of supply
  • Competitive prices matching market levels

Advantages for your end users:

  • User friendly design for easy use
  • Click function (open/closed) ensuring secure usage
  • 180° open and close function
  • Easy to handle
  • Tamper proof design for extra security

180° open and close function

The new Carmo SuperValveTM is made with a 180° opening instead of the original 90° opening. This makes the product even more user friendly, and the slim line design takes up less space in both open and closed state.

Documented CO2 reduction of 28 percent on Carmo SuperValveTM

The Carmo SuperValveTM is designed for less CO2 emissions. The smart production process where we mould the valve in one piece is much more efficient than traditional turn valves. Our innovative design gives a documented CO2 reduction of 28 percent compared to traditional turn valves made of several parts and assembled afterwards.

Less friction is always good for your business

Turn valves are essential across many different areas, industries, and contexts. They simply have to work and if they don’t, it can be fatal.  Reliability is crucial. Trust is everything. The Carmo SuperValve™ simply gives you less friction and less worries. Usually that’s good for your business.

Customisable to your every need and taste

The Carmo SuperValve™ can be tailored to any industry, purpose and need. Only the housing of the valve is fixed, everything else about the Carmo SuperValve™ can be customised. So, how would you like yours?

State of the art technology

The new Carmo SuperValve™ is not just an innovation when it comes to making more comprehensive, more user friendly, and significantly price-competitive quality valves. We are talking state-of-the art and patent pending technology unlike anything else on the market.

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