Case story: Nofi

Interview with Department Manager Olav Småbakk, Oil & Gas Department, NOFI Tromsø AS

A long-lasting partnership in demanding Maritime applications

NOFI Tromsø AS places great importance on maintaining long-lasting partnerships with their most important suppliers. Their history with Carmo goes back to the early 1980s and builds on a mutual understanding of high quality, the ability to develop new products together and competitive prices.

NOFI OceanBuster is fitted with Carmo HF weldable plastic componentsNOFI develops, produces and sells products worldwide mostly within the maritime sector. Olav Småbakk has been with NOFI since 1988 and is today manager of the Oil & Gas Department: “My department produces oil spill contingency systems and to do that we need components that are able to withstand the tear stemming from strong currents, high speed, fluctuating temperatures and salt water.

“Carmo has always been able to provide us with high quality, resilient and environmentally friendly products”

– Olav Småbakk, NOFI Tromsø AS

Take a standard product and make it better

“We look for a standard product in the market that almost fits our particular needs and we enter into a dialogue with the supplier to see if they can work with us to make it perfect.” Olav Småbakk continues: “Changing supplier can be a costly affair for us because it takes strenuous research to find a true match.”

“Once we discovered that the standard eyelet we used was prone to a certain kind of damage and that led to the strong and durable NOFI eyelet that we use today. The mere fact that we have developed a special eyelet with our name on it in corporation with Carmo is an excellent example of how we like to work with our suppliers.”

NOFI delivers oil spill contingency systems to coast guards, navies and oil companies around the world. In turn, they use the systems to contain oil spill and prevent natural disasters. This raises the demands for quality in all details because the entire system provided by NOFI has to be extremely durable and strong.

“Carmo’s components deliver the exact standard we are looking for”

– Olav Småbakk, NOFI Tromsø AS

Their most recently developed product line is the patented NOFI Current Buster® Technology – a major innovative technological breakthrough in oil spill collection: “The Current Buster equipment can operate at speeds up to 5 knots and in strong ocean currents with higher efficiency than any other oil spill equipment in the world. Carmo’s components deliver the exact standard we are looking for and the documentation of materials and performance is meticulous and to the point,” Olav Småbakk emphasizes.

Flexibility and variety

NOFI Tromsø uses Carmo’s automated punch and high-frequency welding machine for mounting eyelets


Carmo produces a large variety of plastic components and the NOFI eyelet is not the only Carmo product purchased by NOFI. “Carmo offers products in a material mix of PVC and polyurethane, and since these products will weld onto both these materials, this gives us a logistic advantage” Olav Småbakk stresses, “since these components can be used in multiple production lines. We use the automated punch- and high-frequency welding machine from Carmo for welding of eyelets and it is easy to use and fast in operation. It gives a long-lasting and strong bond of the eyelets.”

“Carmo’s plastic eyelets are easier to repair than metal eyelets”

– Olav Småbakk, NOFI Tromsø AS

The conditions presented when the products sold by NOFI are put to use will eventually result in wear and tear of the materials and the components.  This leads to how the damaged components are repaired: “The Carmo components are all made from plastic and that makes them easy to repair since they only need to be warmed up to bring them back into their original form. This is not the case with metal eyelets. When they become deformed it is much harder to repair them,” he concludes.

Stability as a country and as a company

“Carmo has been a favoured partner for more than 30 years”

– Olav Småbakk, NOFI Tromsø AS

Being a Danish company is an asset to Carmo. Olav Småbakk explains: “We have to look at the stability of the countries of our suppliers. Denmark is similar to Norway in terms of democracy and stability and that is something we value.”Stability and the prospect of staying in the market for a long time is also a factor NOFI considers when they choose a supplier. Carmo has certainly proven its worth in this aspect since the company can show a track record of more than 60 years in the business: “Carmo was already a household name when I began my carrier in NOFI. They have been a favoured partner for more than 30 years,” Olav Småbakk says, “and so far it has been a very good partnership characterised by corporation and development .”