Case story: Isabella

Interview with Charlotte Kornmaaler, Isabella A/S

High quality – excellent customer service

For the last 40 years Carmo has helped Isabella maintain European market leadership in awnings by delivering high quality components on time

The Danish based company Isabella invented the awning for caravans 50 years ago, and has since dominated the European market. In Denmark they have notched up an astonishing 99 % market share.

NOFI OceanBuster is fitted with Carmo HF weldable plastic componentsFor 40 years Carmo has delivered plastic components that reinforce the eyelets, the pegs that tie the awnings down, go through. A very important part of Isabella’s products as a defect on this heavily strained component renders the product almost useless.

“We rely heavily on quality. Furthermore we prioritize to get our deliveries in a timely manner. When we order something we expect it delivered on time. For 40 years Carmo has delivered just that – quality and punctuality”, says Charlotte Kornmaaler.

“We might be able to get minor savings on the eyelets from another subcontractor, but not at the same continuous quality as Carmo delivers which is crucial for our production”, she adds.

“For 40 years Carmo has delivered just that – quality and punctuality”

– Charlotte Kornmaaler, Isabella A/S

Continous quality is key to our own production

Isabella produces 150 awnings per day and in order for the production to go smoothly it’s important that the components are perfectly identical. The slightest difference in size or shape and production breaks down.

“The eyelet goes through a machine that welds them to the awning to reinforce the product. If just one is slightly bigger than the rest, the machine jams and a lot of precious time is lost. This doesn’t happen with the products, we get from Carmo”, says Charlotte Kornmaaler.

The company has a storage carries some of stock of products but rely on a flexible delivery system of components so that the production is not delayed by a shortage.

“Carmo is a flexible, reliable supplier. They are extremely helpful and even remind us of orders sometimes”, says Charlotte Kornmaaler.

“Carmo is a flexible, reliable supplier.”

– Charlotte Kornmaaler, Isabella A/S