In Carmo we take pride in, and nurture, 7 primary competencies:

Focus on You – our Customer

  • We work for our customers and with our customers and we strive to set us apart on our service
  • We honour agility and a no-nonsense attitude and put pride in keeping our promises
  • We are a Team of diverse, experienced and dedicated professionals with an average tenure of more than 10 years – securing you experienced and insightful advise and support
Focus on You - Our Customer

Quality Certification to suit Global Medico Companies

  • We have chosen quality to be the keyword for our production and distribution
  • We have been ISO certified since 1993
  • Today, we are ISO 13485 certified

Experts in High Frequency Welding

  • We have a generation of experience on mounting our components using high frequency welding (also known as RF welding)
  • We offer a full range of electrodes to cover all our components and ensure perfect joins
  • For our eyelets and cleats we offer dedicated punch and weld machines with both manual and automatic feeding
HF welding of plastic and PVC components

Customized Materials

  • We work in all technical plastics – including TPE
  • 20 years of experience in fine-tuning recipes to attain specific properties and functionality
  • Deep know-how on property change in materials in harsh environments like maritime operations and medico sterilization
  • We continue to maintain PVC as a core competency

Cutting edge Automation and Assembly

  • We leverage robotics technology to its outmost to limit manual operations, errors and contamination of our components
  • Dedicated and generic robots from 2 to 6 axis
  • Automated pick-and-place, assembly and quality control
  • Advanced vision technology for flexibility and agility

Advanced Injection Moulding

  • Machines covering 15 – 250 tonnes
  • Single component, 1.5 component and 2 component injection moulding
  • Experienced in advanced mould technology including cube moulds and Spin-stacks
  • Clean room conditions guaranteed to class 10.000 (ISO class 8)

Flexible Deliveries from own Warehouses

  • We carry stock on the majority of our standard components, ready for immediate delivery
  • 90% of our orders are fulfilled within 5 business days
  • If needed, we can offer shipments of small quantities
  • For prototype and evaluation, we also provide samples. Please contact our sales team directly to discuss your specific needs