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Medical valves

Carmo is one of the most experienced – and most copied - producers of medical valves for medical bags.

Our medical valves are easily operated by both users and nurses and at the same time be zero- leakage.

They are typically used as bottom drainage valves for medical bags, e.g. urine bags.

Our valves are designed with two objectives in mind:

1) Ease of use:

  • Can be operated with one hand by both nurses and elderl
  • No leaking
  • Minimal risk of contamination during operation

2) Ease of Integration:

  • Minimal footprint
  • HF and Ultrsound weldable
  • Can be glued - also to tubes
  • Will maintain physical integrity and dimensions over time, allowing smoothly running assembly lines
  • Are resistant to Eto- and gamma-sterilization.
  • Have excellent shelf-life. Even after sterilisation and transport in containers and storing on shelves at distributors and hospitals.

We offer three main types of medical valves:

  • Push-pull valve for simple low-cost applications,
  • T-tap for guaranteed one hand operation and
  • Turn valves with encapsulation for maximum protection against contamination.

Carmo has a 60 year track record of delivering highly specialized technical and medical components.

We design, produce and sell quality injection moulded plastic components globally. We service industries as diverse as Medico, Maritime, Mining, Agriculture and Automotive.

Quality, Service and Flexibility are the key words of our production and in all aspects of our interaction with our customers. We are focused on minimizing hassle and maximizing service, while helping our customers turning ideas into products.

We are based in Denmark and run a highly automated production. By leveraging robotics and vision technology, we are able to deliver components with very high quality, well-defined properties and functionality at competitive prices.

We put all our knowhow and experience in ensuring our customers an easy integration and stability in their products and production.

From our sales offices and inventories in Denmark, France and the UK we are able to supply our core markets and customers within days.

Our core competency is components for High Frequency welding, with a special focus on valves, eyelets and components for medical bags. We maintain PVC as a special focus, however deliver 50% of our turnover in other plastic materials.

Our four main business areas are:

Technical Components Medical Components Modular storage boxes Product Development Services

Weldable eyelets and fittings

Valves for inflating, over pressure and vacuum

Threaded nozzles and caps

HF/RF welding machines

Market leader in drainage valves, connectors and fittings for medical bags

Customization and OEM production

Modular, high quality transparent boxes

Approved for storage of food and fragile objects

Sold under the brand UltraPlast

Product design and realisation

Pilot production, test and documentation

Ramp-up and production

In addition to above, our main manufacturing strength is quality injection moulding in all technical
plastics - including PVC. Carmo PVC products are made in a number of different PVC grades - all special and protected Carmo recipes.

We can manufacture in cleanroom down to class 10.000.
2K moulding

We have chosen quality to be the keyword for our production and
distribution. Since 1993 Carmo has been holding an ISO certification and we are today ISO certified according to ISO 9001:2008.